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GIB® Plasterboard Systems

Builders and plasterers have relied on Winstone Wallboards’ GIB® (Gypsum board) plasterboard systems for over 85 years. The benefits of these systems are that they’re locally made for local conditions, they meet or exceed the New Zealand building code, full technical support and information is provided, and Winstone Wallboards invest heavily in quality management to ensure they’re always meeting clients’ expectations.

AllWall supplies a range of GIB® panels and drywall systems suitable for all interior cladding and plastering projects; our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you find the right option for the job.

GIB® Products:

  • GIB® Ready Mix Compounds: described as super slick – these new compounds are easy on the wrist and have a ‘super slick’ finish
  • GIB Trade Finish® Multi: also super slick to trowel, this compound has low shrinkage, a smooth finish, and its yellow tint is easily distinguishable
  • GIB Trade Finish® Lite: With the same benefits as the Multi compound, this a premium lightweight compound designed for finishing joints in GIB® plasterboard
  • GIB Trade Finish® Heavy Weight: the harder finish of this compound is less likely to scratch and provides great ‘body’ to control build-up of compound

USG Compounds

USG (United States Gypsum) is a world leader in the building material industry. They’re one of the largest producers of gypsum base products including wall boards, joint compounds and industrial gypsum.


  • Winstone Wallboards’ GIB is made specifically for the New Zealand environment
  • Consistently meets or exceeds New Zealand building codes
  • Full technical support and information is provided
  • The expert staff at AllWall  will assist you in selecting the right plasterboard and finishing for your project
  • AllWall also supplies interior plastering solutions from USG and other innovative manufacturers


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